Hockey Team Development
Team Development

We come to you, on your team ice! Team sessions are structured in a way that allows the coaches to have input & to learn the way we teach. We invite all coaches to join us on the ice and participate in the drills. This allows them to use the drills and perfect them with their teams so we can continue to progress the skill, whether it be individual or team oriented. Click here for more info.

Hockey Shooting Camps and Clinics
Camps & Clinics
Tim Turk Hockey offers many camps and clinics throughout the year. Holiday, March Break and Summer Camps are customized and progressive with focus on individual techniques. Clinics are offered regularly, utilizing special devices and the occasional video analysis service. Our camps and clinics are always posted on the website.
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Private & Small Group Sessions
The individual sessions that are offered by Tim Turk Hockey are the most personal and comprehensive you can get on ice today! Our instructors have the experience to get the right message across to each player no matter what level they are at when they join. We strive to instill in each player the love for the game and a passion to strive to improve, for a lifetime! Inquire for dates/times.

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Hockey  Shooting Video Analysis

Record it, Send it & Improve your Technique!
Have your Players’ Shooting Professionally Analyzed by NHL Skills & Shooting Coach Tim Turk. This service allows Players, Coaches, Agents & Parents to forward video footage via e-mail without having to schedule face- to- face training sessions. Analyzed videos include Telestration and Voice over, to assess the players’ strength and weaknesses and give correctional feedback instantly. To view sample video CLICK HERE

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Game Evaluation (Individual or Team)
Have your player or Team’s skills analyzed during a game situation. Game habit profile with personalized development plan will help your player(s) focus on specific skills and build more confidence. Please inquire for more information.

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Hockey Affiliation Program
Have Tim Turk Hockey  be a part of your program! Incorporate Tim’s unique training system and techniques into your hockey school or training centre to expand business or as added value for your clients. Please contact for details.

What Tim Teaches! Here’s what you’ll Learn…

Shooting – Proper techniques and mechanics in all quick release shots
(wrist, snap, combo wrist-snap, slap shot.)

Phases of a Shot
– Preparation phase – Getting the puck to a prepared position effeciently (Across, not back!)
– Loading Phase – Less load, more explode!
– Release Phase – Utilizing wrists to enhance speed & power.

Passing –
Choosing when and using the proper techniques and mechanics in all types of passes (forehand, backhand, saucer, drop pass, etc)

Deception When Releasing the Puck
– Learn NEW lower body configurations. Different positions to surprise the goalie = more      scoring opportunities
– Being synchronized / timing.

Shooting and Passing off the Angles
– Skating towards the net from either side, looking to create a shooting angle. – Shooting for rebounds- where to shoot when on a bad angle using your shot off the goalie as a pass (rebound)

Shooting in stride – or appear in stride. Minimize pause time. Stride leg push for more power. Stride leg release with foot separation lowers posture, enhancing reaction time.

Shooting through traffic – How to locate the near target to get the puck to the net target.

Shooting in tight – How to get your blade under the puck using your wrists to maintain spin for a higher, quicker shot.

Shooting off a pass – Receiving a pass and putting the puck into a prepared position to shoot immediately. (on the tape / off the tape) – The 2 touch release is a NEW way to receive the pass and ‘impact’ it with speed and power, surprising the goalie.

One Timers – How to utilize your hips by lowering your posture to get more power.

Understanding the Goalies – Get to know their positioning, tendencies and habits. They have consistent behavior patterns. – Learn how and when to study them.