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Tim Turk Hockey aims to develop hockey players to their fullest potential while maintaining their motivation. We create a POSITIVE, ENTHUSIASTIC and FUN program directed toward instilling a long lasting desire to play hockey … The Greatest Game on Earth!

At Tim Turk Hockey we understand the importance of shooting. If every player has the knowledge of the proper technique, then as a team the percentage of shots-on-goal will rise.

Starting with an evaluation session, we’ll develop a step-by-step program that addresses weaknesses, while building on strengths. Subsequent sessions will be devoted to teaching proper techniques for maximum power, pin-point accuracy and total puck control.

In Collaboration with the Coaches,  sessions are progressively tailored to suit the player’s skill level, and focus on attaining “total puck confidence” — the ability to shoot, pass and control the puck with ease.

Team Development will include Individual training on :
1.  Shooting – quick release / more power / pin-point accuracy
2.  Passing – all types / when & where / forehand & backhand
3.  Puck Control – build puck confidence/more puck & blade contact/‘control the puck, control the game’

Team Development will include Teaching Play in all the Zones
1. Defensive Zone – From coverage to breakouts for defensemen and forwards. Including positional guidelines and responsibilities.
2. Neutral Zone – From trapping to transition; proper angling, rapid puck movements and changing the point of attack. – How to support and create isolation and know your location through visual targets on the ice. – Create width and depth while counter attacking to ensure effective regrouping.
3. Offensive zone – Proper steering and angling in forechecking systems – Shooting with feet moving while under pressure – How to cycle, where to go and why – Screening with deflections and positioning – Attacking with and without puck possession – Basic techniques and progressions for effective puck protection – Face offs

…Third year the girls have trained under your direction and they continue get stronger each time! Tim you have an awesome ability with the girls and they respond to your direction like no other. It has been our extreme pleasure to be blessed to have you come out to teach the girls over the last three years. an extreme honor for the girls to work with a coach of your stature, patience and teaching knowledge and ability! Tim, thank you so much for working with us coaches but a sincerely thank you for taking time to teach our girls how to become better hockey players! – Walt Quilty – Bantam AA St Catherines Brook Jr Badgers

Thanks for working with our team this year and contributing to our winning culture. It was a great season. We went undefeated in the playoffs and won our championship in overtime 3-2. We scored 2 goals with shots from the points. Thanks again and look forward to working with you next year.”- J. Pritchard, Head Coach – Brampton A Bombers.

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