A Few Testimonials….

“Tim’s scientific approach to teaching players how to shoot goes far beyond what a coach at any level has the time or knowledge to do. This includes players from Novice thru Pro. I have seen 1st hand how amazed pros are at what Tim has to offer. Any player who wants to score more goals needs to spend time with Tim. You will be amazed at what you didn’t know about the art of shooting!”
Trevor Timmins
Assistant General Manager – Montreal Canadiens

 “Thanks for working with our team this year and contributing to our winning culture. It was a great season.  We went undefeated in the playoffs and won our championship in overtime 3-2. We scored 2 goals with shots from the points. Thanks again and   look forward to working with you next year.”
J. Pritchard, Brampton A Bombers.

A few words from NHL coach Kirk Muller:

“…Thanks for all of the work you have done with the boys over the past season. For years now you have brought your expertise to the rink and have worked with the boys to enhance their overall skill set and have given them new skills that they continue to use in game situations. I have had the opportunity to watch you work with the boys and it is clear that they enjoy every minute of the sessions. Even at the Bantam level the boys still ask when you will be coming to practice to work with them. That clearly shows that you have had an impact on many of these young hockey players as they grow. You have a way of communicating with the boys that makes them want to listen and learn new skills.  I look forward to working with you in the seasons to come.”
D. Joyce, Applewood Coyotes Bantam.

Dave Lewis talks about Tim Turk

“Tim Turk ran a succesful camp for our top players of the Finnish world junior national teams (U16/U20) in Finland last summer. He taught our top prospects shooting technique and the players were quickly able to adapt to it. At the camp in attendance there were 50 club team coaches from all over Finland, who were presented Turk’s shooting technique. After the camp the coaches have been using these shooting drills in their club team prectices, also educating other coaches. We were very pleased with Tim Turk’s coaching and knowledge. Shooting is one main area where Finnish hockey needs improvement and we feel that this was a major step towards the right direction.”
Rauli Urama -Coaching Director -Finnish Ice Hockey Federation

Brendan Gallagher – Montreal Canadiens

“Tim Turk’s ability to focus on details and individual elements of shooting & passing is what makes him so highly sought after. He cares about the player and their performance during his session and beyond. He puts in a 100% and makes sure players are taken care of and confident in their skill. Tim Turk works with so many high profile players for a reason.”
Noëlle Needham – LEGEND HOCKEY